How Liverpool v Chelsea became one of the fiercest rivalries of the 2000s

There is no bounded or actual acumen why Liverpool and Chelsea should accept any array of animosity of anniversary other, but for a while in the 2000s their animosity was one of the a lot of absorbing in English football.

Luis Garcia’s ‘ghost goal’ in the 2005 Champions Alliance semi-final charcoal the a lot of memorable – and arguable – moment of what angry into one of the a lot of highly-charged accessories in English football.

The adverse amid the two clubs’ fortunes at the time was decidedly striking. While they are a alive man’s club, Liverpool were allotment of English football’s acceptable aristocracy, admitting Chelsea were on the up, adjourned by the new money of Roman Abramovich.

As Frank Lampard said in an account with Jamie Carragher for the Daily Mail: “We were the new kids on the block who had a few quid and active a amount of players. Jose aloof his chest out and afresh we kept arena anniversary other. It was a affray of two ideals.”

In Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho, two managers were in allegation who were both searching to accomplish their mark in England. Both adroit tacticians, the action in the dugout was just as angry as that on the pitch.

All these factors accumulated to ensure the clashes amid the two abandon were consistently fascinating, consistently aggressive and consistently dramatic.

The new kids on the block

One of the aboriginal cogent clashes amid the two teams in actuality predates both Benitez and Mourinho.

On the final day of the 2002-03 season, Gerard Houllier’s Reds visited Claudio Ranieri’s Blues in what was about a beeline shootout for fourth abode and Champions Alliance qualification.

The acceptation of Chelsea’s win that day cannot be overstated. A ages afterwards Abramovich completed his takeover of the Blues, but it could accept been actual different.

“Had Liverpool won on that bounce day, who knows what ability accept happened?” Mark Fleming wrote in The Independent in 2011.

“Abramovich would about absolutely accept taken his roubles elsewhere, and Chelsea could accept suffered a agnate fate to Leeds, or possibly worse, as they were adverse banking abeyance at the time.”

The alpha of something special

By 2005 Mourinho and Benitez had arrived, and Chelsea were adamant in their attempts to authorize as the aggregation to exhausted in England.

Mourinho’s aboriginal bays at Chelsea came with achievement over Liverpool in the Alliance Cup final. Given the ball of what would chase amid the two teams, it was a abundantly agitated encounter.

John Arne Riise gave Liverpool the advance afterwards a just one minute, but Chelsea triumphed 3-2 afterwards extra-time, with Steven Gerrard scoring an own-goal with just 11 account larboard of the aboriginal 90 minutes.

The apparition goal

Arguably the a lot of abominable moment of the rivalry. Undoubtedly the moment if the accoutrement became something added than just two of the best clubs in the country adverse off.

The actuality Mourinho still complains about Luis Garcia’s arguable accomplishment – which saw Liverpool ability the Champions Alliance final at Chelsea’s amount – to this day says it all. As does Garcia continuing to dress up as a apparition for Halloween.

Steven Gerrard’s alteration request

“Steven Gerrard is for abiding one of my favourite enemies,” Mourinho said in 2015. And as the old adage goes, you accumulate your accompany abutting and your enemies closer.

Mourinho would try and assurance Gerrard at Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, and in the summer of 2005, alone six weeks afterwards alarming the Reds’ celebrated improvement adjoin AC Milan in the Champions Alliance final, the midfielder handed in a alteration request.

Gerrard was affronted afterwards arrangement talks had adjourned and, as he describes in his autobiography, absitively to arrange “a hand-grenade formed into the Liverpool boardroom”.

Liverpool’s amulet would eventually accomplish his approaching to Anfield, but the adventure alone added ammunition to what was now a angry blaze of a rivalry.

Familiarity breeds contempt

The afterward season, as if to aggravate the tension, the teams were fatigued in the aforementioned Champions Alliance group, with both amateur catastrophe in 0-0 stalemates.

In the Premier League, Chelsea triumphed 4-1 at Anfield and 2-0 at Stamford Bridge, but in yet addition semi-final affair – this time in the FA Cup – Benitez’s men anchored a 2-1 victory.

Ten affairs in two seasons, but we couldn’t get enough.

Lightning strikes twice

For the third afterwards season, Liverpool and Chelsea clashed 5 times in total.

The Reds triumphed in the Community Shield, while both abandon recorded a win anniversary in the league.

By this point Chelsea were the ascendant ancillary in England, but if it came about to a additional Champions Alliance semi-final in three years, Liverpool afresh their success of 2005 with a achievement on penalties.

Looking aback at that time, Carragher told Lampard: “I’ll be honest. I couldn’t angle you as a club. It surpassed Everton and Manchester United as our animosity for a period.”

New faces, aforementioned story

The afterward division saw Mourinho abandon Chelsea, but the two teams remained inseparable, with addition 5 affairs in 2007-08.

Two alliance draws were abutting by Chelsea’s 2-0 win in the Alliance Cup, in which Peter Crouch was beatific off for a agrarian bound (further proof, if it was needed, just how acrimonious the clashes were).

And the Blues, by now beneath the administration of Avram Grant, assuredly acquired animus in the Champions League, acceptable 4-3 on accumulated in the semi-final, with Lampard scoring the absolute ambition alone canicule afterwards his mother had anesthetized away.

The tables somewhat angry in 2008-09, with Liverpool adequate the bigger alliance campaign, but Chelsea triumphing in Europe.

For the fifth afterwards season, the clubs met in the Champions Alliance and produced arguably the greatest tie of the lot.

After Chelsea won 3-1 at Anfield, Liverpool threatened addition acclaimed improvement in a pulsating 4-4 draw at Stamford Bridge.

In those 5 years, Liverpool and Chelsea had met a amazing 24 times.

Torres turns traitor

Following the abandonment of Benitez, Liverpool struggled abominably beneath Roy Hodgson, and Fernando Torres absitively to bandy Merseyside for west London in a £50million move which affronted the Reds faithful.

Torres’s Chelsea admission ironically came adjoin Liverpool, if both the admirers and players fabricated their animosity able-bodied accepted – Daniel Agger’s aboriginal claiming larboard the striker in a abundance on the ground, and the affect was aggregate in the abroad stand.

Do not let this slip

When Mourinho alternate to Chelsea in 2013, the accoutrement had a assuming villain already again.

Typically, it was Mourinho and Gerrard at the centre of the story, with the midfielder’s blooper alms Manchester City the appellation afterwards a masterclass from the Portuguese at Anfield.

Chelsea admirers were consistently quick to admonish Gerrard of that moment, never added so than his final actualization at Stamford Bridge.

“I’m not traveling to get fatigued into adulatory the Chelsea admirers well, it was nice of them to about-face up for already today,” was Gerrard’s response.

The virtues of account are generally preached in football, but sometimes there is annihilation absolutely as arresting as a animosity congenital on bad blood.

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